Things are ship-shape in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE CENTER – The Charlotte Town Board signed a voucher at its recent meeting to partake in receiving annual credit for tipping fees.

All involved municipalities within the county will be able to share credits to dump debris at the county landfill such as demolished structures like condemned houses. The credits cannot be bought or sold but can be shared between towns. Charlotte has been offered credit for 80 tons of debris, which is about the weight of a two-story house.

In other matters, Town Justice Jeff Crossley said three cameras have been purchased for the town building. Two will be placed in the courtroom and one will be positioned to monitor the building’s hallway. As for arraignments, 74 cases were opened in July and August and 50 of them were closed. In the past year, 302 cases have been closed.

The board also discussed the finishing touches for the budget.

Town Supervisor Kenneth Bochmann reported that the equalization rate in the town is at 100 percent and there’s nothing out of the ordinary this year. The board wanted to set money aside for the highway department and a few of their equipment needs.

Highway Superinten-dent Mark LeBaron reported on three capital projects completed over the summer including replacements of culverts on East, Mill Creek and North Hill roads. There are still a few roads that need oil and stone before winter.

LeBaron said of the culverts, “We just have to seal them up when we get some good weather, maybe next week.”

The highway department recently sold a used screener, machinery used in operations involving gravel or stone, in an online auction for $1,300 for which the town received a check and presented at the meeting.

In terms of next year’s budget, Councilman Daniel Pavlock said next summer “may be a heavier year” in regard to spending money on the town’s playground. The board agreed that the tennis courts need to be sealed and lined again and he would also like to discuss the possibility of constructing dugouts at the baseball field.

“It’d be nice to see something to protect the kids from the sun. It’s just a wish list. Something to look at for the future,” said Councilwoman Varsi Peterson.

Prior to the adjournment of the meeting, Town Clerk Darla Frost appointed Shannon Patterson as deputy clerk.

The next Charlotte Town Board meeting will be on Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. at the town offices, 8 Lester St. in Sinclairville.