Silver Creek Village Board discusses truck bid

SILVER CREEK – What started as simply trying to sell the water department’s pickup truck, caused a great deal of discussion at the recent Silver Creek Village Board meeting.

Last month the village put the 2009 F250 truck to bid. At the last meeting the village opened one bid offering $18,250 for the truck.

At the most recent meeting of the board, Highway Foreman Ralph Crawford said the highway department would like to purchase the truck through a budget transfer.

Crawford said compared to buying a new truck this could save around $12,000 and would replace two others the highway department would like to sell.

Board members discussed refusing the bid on the truck to get the process started to transfer the truck.

However, when it came time to conduct business, a resolution was not presented. Trustee Warren Kelly questioned this in his board comments.

Mayor Nick Piccolo said he would like to table the matter for further discussion. Kelly voted no, which prompted Piccolo to vote in Trustee Ben Peters absence for deployment overseas. Tabling the bid was passed with Piccolo and trustees Tom Harmon and Anthony Pearl voting in favor.

Kelly later explained his vote by saying he thought action should have been taken at the meeting.

“During the workshop the item was discussed. It appeared all present were in favor of not accepting the outside bid for the water pickup truck and letting the DPW buy the truck and transfer the money to the water department. The bid was lower than we thought it should sell for because the truck is in great shape, is running good and has low mileage. The transfer would save us money in the future because if we had to buy a new one it would cost $30,000,” he explained. “It was my understanding that we were going to refuse the bid and discuss the transfer of the truck at a department meeting later this week. Also, I didn’t want to delay telling the bidder for another two weeks.”

Kelly added the village would have additional savings by the DPW selling two older trucks.

“It seemed to be a win-win situation,” he said.

The board also discussed the resignation of Zoning Officer James DeJoe. Piccolo explained he resigned because there is not a civil service title for a zoning officer in the village.

DeJoe was appointed in August to the position in order to help the Hanover Code Enforcement Officer Tom Gould address zoning issues in the village.

Piccolo said newly appointed village Code Enforcement Officer Linda DeFries is willing to take on DeJoe’s duties and will follow up on warning letters he sent out on property maintenance issues.

Resident Anna Frederickson asked if DeFries will increase her hours to take on the position. Piccolo said she will remain at 12 hours per week. Piccolo added the village still needs information from the town on inspections and permits and needs to update its fee schedule in order to offset DeFries salary.

The village board will meet again Oct. 7.