Area Police

Break-ins reported in Hanover

HANOVER – Several residents of the Smith Mills area of Hanover have called the OBSERVER recently to report a rash of vehicle and home break-ins. According to King Road residents, around 15 vehicles have been broken into in the past two weeks. It was also reported several vehicles were stolen.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incidents. Investigator Larry Klajbor confirmed three vehicles were taken on the same day and the sheriff’s office believes the incidents are connected because it was from the same area. He also confirmed “numerous” vehicle larcenies throughout the town of Hanover.

He told residents to lock their doors and remove valuables. He said all of the stolen vehicles had the keys inside.

“These are crimes of opportunity,” he said. “This has been happening for a while and we are trying to chase them down.”

Residents should report suspicious activity to the sheriff’s office immediately by calling 753-2131.

Dunkirk Police report school zone speeding

Since the beginning of the Dunkirk City School District’s new year on Sept. 4, 36 people have been charged with speeding in a school zone. This number is as of Thursday morning and is aggregated from both routine patrols and the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program. Also, as of Wednesday, 13 tickets have been written since the beginning of the school year for distracted driving with the use of cell phones.