Legion asks village for drainage help

FORESTVILLE – After months of waiting, Robert Bradigan approached the Forestville Village Board again to ask that something be done about a drainage problem at the Forestville Legion baseball field.

Bradigan brought the issue to the board in June, when heavy rains caused waist-deep water to gather at a drainage tile on the property.

The board asked Streets Supervisor Charles Brewster to look into the cost of fixing the problem. He later came back to the board reporting that the project would require around $10,000 in pipe.

Recently, Brewster reached out to the town of Hanover Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo for help with the project. D’Angelo said his department could help after completing other projects.

Brewster said the village still has to purchase the piping for the project.

Bradigan said the water runoff is coming from Jeanne Polisoto’s property on Cedar Street, but no one knew where the water originates from.

“Something has to be done,” Bradigan said.

The board took no action on the issue.

Brewster also reported pipe is going in the ground on Prospect Street as part of the water project. He said they will need to cut the road on Route 39 near Cave’s Deli. He said this will occur in the next couple weeks and is the reason the state Department of Transportation held off on paving Route 39 in the village this summer.

The board resolved to move forward with having the village mall monument repaired by Riles &Woolley Monuments for $1,250 after receiving the first court-mandated restitution payment from the person who damaged it.

The board also resolved to hire Thomas Gould as Code Enforcement Officer at a rate of $20 per hour with no benefits. Aures explained Gould would only work a couple hours per week and that the village had the decision of hiring Gould or having the state come in a couple days a week to issue permits. The board decided it did not want to work around the state’s schedule for this and approved the appointment. Clerk Jim White explained the board budgeted $1,400 each in the code and zoning budget lines. Gould is the code enforcement officer for the town of Hanover, which several months ago asked the villages of Forestville and Silver Creek to pay for code enforcement.

Hanover Assessor Darlene Fox attended the meeting to remind homeowners 64 and under to register for the Basic STAR property exemption. She said residents should have received a letter and can register by mail or phone by Dec. 31. She also spoke about the town’s aged exemption and Senior STAR which can be renewed in the assessor’s office before March 1.

The next village board meeting will be held Oct. 8.

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