Central Christian Academy honors grandparents

Central Christian Academy recently celebrated Grandparents’ Day. This annual event took place in the First Baptist Church Auditorium. The entire school honored grandparents.

The program began with a welcome and opening prayer lead by Clinton Lewis, music teacher and administrative team leader.

The Learning Center recited a poem about how wonderful grandparents are. Next the entire school sang a rousing version of “Give Me Oil in My Lamp.” The nursery and the kindergarten classes read a special poem about the how grandparents hug, love and spoil them, lead by their teachers Mrs. Burrows, Miss Tuggle and Mrs. Crossan. Mrs. Pollok read what each of her kindergarten children said grandma and grandpa meant. A few secrets were disclosed, like staying up late or extra ice cream.

The first and second grade classes recited a poem they wrote about the love and guidance their grandparents gave them, led by their teacher Mrs. Gestwicki.

The third grade class, with the help of their teacher Miss Oakes, read essays written giving insight into the lives of their grandparents.

The Learning Center recited an in-depth poem about their grandparents that they wrote with the help of their teachers Mrs. Walker and Miss Torrey. The program closed with prayer and the students then lead their grandparents on a school tour.

Central Christian Academy offers the residents of Western New York a Christian alternative to public education, partnering with parents. It also offers each child the opportunity to experience music, physical education, art, languages, field trips, computer technologies and other experiences. The school teaches students from age 3 through grade 12.

Central Christian Academy can be contacted by phone at 366-6634 or on the web at www.dunkirkcca.org.