Horrigan outlines role for returning veterans as job coaches

County Executive Candidate Vince Horrigan recently outlined his employability initiative proposal to utilize our county’s returning veterans as job coaches.

“As a returning Chautau-qua County veteran myself, I found that the transition from a military career to a civilian career was very challenging. I had a lengthy resume with broad experience and extensive technical skills. However, I found it difficult to connect with a network of employers and community leaders because I had been out of the area for some time,” Horrigan said.

“I want to put our veterans to work as job coaches in our county’s work experience program. Job coaching is a mentoring program which helps those who are newly employed or previously unemployed successfully overcome the challenges to successful employment. This program would be patterned after the ‘Mission Continues’ program which has been successfully piloted across the country. The ‘Mission Continues’ program uses the skills and experience of our returning veterans to help their communities in a variety of roles. I see our Chautauqua County program as a public-private effort using our veterans to assist in a job coaching role while the veterans network with area employers to find a good job that fits their civilian career objectives,” Horrigan said.

“My conversations with numerous community leaders in both the nonprofit and private sector indicate that job coaching is an important part of successful employment for many new employees. A key component of military service is the discipline, team work, and personal responsibility that are key assets in our veterans. By using our veterans as job coaches in our welfare-to-work experience sites, our veterans can assist the unemployed with the soft skills required to become successfully employed while at the same time networking with area employers to find their own civilian employment,” Horrigan said.

“Over the next several weeks of my campaign I will be reaching out to area veterans’ service clubs, and not-for-profits to refine the ‘Veterans Job Coaching Initiative’ to ensure we incorporate the best ideas into the program,” Horrigan said.

Go to www.horriganforexecutive.com. for more information.