Water improvements may offer relief to resident

BROCTON – As Octo-ber approaches, members of the Brocton Village Board will be trying to assist a Brocton resident with lingering damage from the July floods.

Ellicott Road resident Dennis Dorogi attended a recent meeting of the board to make them aware that conditions remain the same at a washed out creek on his property, where an exposed water line exists.

“I’m sorry to report that the problem hasn’t gone away and I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. The water line is completely exposed and the creek bed has washed away, which makes it impossible to do any work down there. I put money into it a few years ago and to fix this now will be increased costs. I don’t want to spend money to fix my water line and then have to change it around with a new water main comes in. My question to you is where do you stand?” asked Dorogi.

Brocton Mayor Dave Hazelton responded that although the regional water plans are still active, the funding for Brocton to complete its water infrastructure upgrades will run out in September of next year if the village doesn’t act on it.

“We will be down to look at where your line is exposed, but we do still plan to put a new line down the water plant’s driveway and down Ellicott Road,” noted the mayor.

Dorogi also expressed concern that if work did take place in the creek, would it be something that is subject to guidelines under the Army Corps of Engineers or the Department of Environmental Conservation.

“Our person from the county was in that area to look at something for our line, and they weren’t sure of the Army Corps of Engineers, but said it definitely is not under the DEC. We will look at it for you and see if we can attempt to help you with anything.”

The resident thanked the board and concluded, “Good, that gives me hope for the future.”

The mayor also indicated that the village is still cooperating with FEMA by providing information necessary for any claims. The board is awaiting results from Tolman Engineering regarding the dredging of the village reservoir and work to be done at Chautauqua Road.

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