Perrysburg Town Hall topic for board meeting

PERRYSBURG – Not only was the monthly meeting held at the Perrysburg Town Hall, the building became a topic of conversation.

Councilman Richard Gabel brought up the issue of asbestos in the building. To survey the town hall to see where asbestos, if any, is located would cost an estimated $2,000. The bids came in higher and lower, Gabel said.

“The worse (scenario) will be $3,000. The best would be $1,500,” he added.

The bids only include finding where the asbestos is located in the building and provide further instruction how to contain or remove it if it is found. Cindy Lauer, budget officer, said the town should know where the condition of the building stands.

“You don’t know what you have until you get the study done,” Lauer said.

The board discussed the possibility of selling the building in the future and needing to take care of the current building. If the building were to have asbestos, the building might not sell. The board also discussed the heating system which includes a boiler with bad burners, Gabel said. To replace the entire heating system would be over $10,000 but to replace the system and keep the current baseboards and radiators would cost around $9,000.

“Everything is working fine. These are just options,” Gabel said in reference to the heating system.

The burners do need to be fixed, however and should cost about $500 to replace. The town could have an option of putting in a new boiler just for a wing of the town hall which could potentially take an extra load off the boiler but the town decided against that option at this time. The board approved Paul Maier to do an asbestos study in the town hall. The board also authorized Johnson’s Heating to fix the boiler’s burners.

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