Home wasn’t for sale in 1983


I read David Dawson’s recent letter in The Post-Journal alleging that as acting county executive in the fall of 1983, he asked the County Legislature to get rid of the County Home.

I was on the County Legislature in 1983. David Dawson never asked the County Legislature to sell the County Home.

The transcript of David Dawson’s budget message shows that he said absolutely nothing about the County Home. He did not recommend its sale.

David Dawson did have a letter in The Post-Journal in 1990 urging the sale of the county Landfill because he claimed the county could not afford the Landfill. The County Legislature fortunately rejected Mr. Dawson’s recommendation, 24-1. In 2013, the County Landfill continues to make a profit for the county.

Now Mr. Dawson wants to tell us who to vote for the county executive race. He does not know, once again, what he is talking about.



Take politics

out of search


Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards (soon to be “former”) is engaged in a politically biased search for a director of veteran affairs.

I’m requesting that Edwards respond to my suggestion (it would be the first time) to allow the combat veterans of Chautauqua County to select our director.

For once perhaps Edwards will set aside partisan politics for this most important position.