Motorists reminded of free eye tests at local DMV

As many area motorists will have their driver licenses expire over the next few years, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs encourages motorists to renew their licenses at one of the many conveniently located Auto Bureaus throughout Erie County. Motorists should renew locally for two main reasons.

“First, renewing locally keeps fee revenue here in Erie County instead of all the money going to Albany and second, local auto bureaus don’t charge an extra fee for an eye test like several retail chains are doing around the county,” Jacobs said.

“We say keep renewal fee money local and keep that $10 dollars in your pocket by coming to one of our Auto Bureaus. A $10 surcharge for a simple vision screening, which takes less than a minute to administer, will increase the overall cost for renewing a driver’s license by more than 15 percent,” Jacobs added.

“If all residents in Erie County renewed their license and registration locally we would keep over $2 million more a year here in Erie County instead of going to the state coffers in Albany, this revenue could be used to fund libraries, roads and hold down taxes,” Jacobs concluded.

Erie County has six permanent locations throughout Erie County as well as a mobile unit. To find the location closest to you go to or contact the Auto Bureau Call Center at (716) 858-7450.