Ceremony is special tribute

On Saturday morning, a portion of the Westfield community took part in a special ceremony to remember Sgt. Kevin M. White, who lost his life in May 2011 after serving in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

The ceremony took place at the NorthLake Family Recreation Center, where a scoreboard stands with White’s name prominently displayed, before the Fredonia and Westfield-Brocton boys’ soccer game. Brett Gould, Fredonia soccer coach, summed up the experience in our Sunday sports section.

“It’s nice to get a league win, but more importantly, it was the Kevin W. White memorial game. They have a nice sign over the scoreboard and they read a memorial piece about Kevin and his service. Then they dedicated the field.

“It was a neat moment,” Gould continued. “And it was cool for the kids to see that. It gives perspective to why we get to do what we do.”

Volunteers make NorthLake Family Recreation Center run efficiently and effectively. They do a wonderful job with the complex.

The group does an ever better job of making sure a local hero’s memory lives on.