Persia to hold public hearing on new law

PERSIA – Dog owners in the town of Persia will be affected if a proposed new law is enacted. Mary Dankert, dog warden, said the town currently does not have any laws for dogs.

The proposed law does not allow any dog to run at large unless the dog is on a leash or accompanied by its owner; to habitually howl or bark; to uproot or damage garden beds; harass any person; chase vehicles; or create a nuisance by defecating or urinating in public. The town recently took over as dog warden after the village voted to discontinue dog control services.

“Dogs can’t run at large, dig up your flower beds, harass or chase after motorcycles,” Dankert said in reference to the new law guidelines.

Dankert said the proposed law has been modeled after the town of Otto’s animal control law where Dankert also works. She said the law “works wonderfully” in Otto. The proposed law will also affect other domestic animals including horses, cattle, goats, sheep and poultry but excludes cats. According to Dankert, most towns do not have laws for cats.

“No town wants to take the responsibility (for cats). There’s no where to take the cats,” she said.

Anyone who sees a violation of this new proposed law can contact Dankert at the town hall. Dankert can then issue tickets for violations to the law. The town board will host a public hearing on the law on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 7 p.m.

In an unrelated matter, town attorney James Musacchio gave an update on the Dayton Road water district. Fourteen residents on Route 62 are residents outside of the village limits but want to connect into the village’s water system. Musacchio said the village wants an agreement with the town that will cover any expenses that might arise. He also said one resident decided to not hook into the system at this time. Board members had questions about if a customer decided against not connecting now but later would like to, or if a new resident moves in. Musacchio said the creation of a water district is complicated for any municipality. Before the board signs the final agreement, Musacchio said he will work on answering any questions the board will have. The board approved Musacchio to work on the final draft prior to the town board signing.

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