Committee looks to change name, not goal

FORESTVILLE – A rose by a different name may smell sweeter in the village of Forestville. The Forestville Dissolution Study Committee decided things would be rosier if the committee took on a different name at its meeting Wednesday.

“We should change the name of the committee so that people are not so upset,” Clerk Jim White said.

White said the committee was named after what the state Local Government Efficiency department calls the effort, but it has been an impediment to the group’s real goal.

“When the board approved the committee it included ‘study’ in the name,” Village Trustee Ron Lineman said. “People changed the name after the meeting.”

White explained the committee would have the same goal of looking at how the village can run more efficiently and would continue the process of looking at the village’s debts and assets and later the village’s local laws and goals for the future. He added that dissolution is not a goal or priority of the committee.

“No one on the board is for dissolution if it does not make sense. I’m not even that crazy,” Lineman said.

Committee member Gloria Yeager said the village needs to start working together, instead of against each other.

Committee member Lorraine Hodkin lamented the loss of the friendly atmosphere in the village since the mention of dissolution.

“There is no reason we can’t come back,” Committee member Homer “Chum” Bowker said.

Committee members could not come up with a new name for the committee but thought it should reflect their goal to look toward the future of the village.

The committee also discussed having a representative from FORECON Inc. of Falconer attend a committee meeting to discuss how much the timber at the springs property is worth as an asset to the village. That can then be compared to the cost of taxes and insurance on the land, which is located outside the village.

Bowker said he spoke with FORECON, who said if the timber is sold now, the village could get $29,000 to $30,000. Lineman said he thought that was a low figure compared to past profits.

White said he would contact the company to see when it is available to meet with the committee and will schedule the next meeting based on their availability.

White said he received the list of assets from the fire department but was still waiting on real estate asset information from the lawyer.

A committee report will be presented at the Forestville Village Board meeting on Tuesday at 7 p.m. and will include the committee’s request for a name change.