Jacobs’ office takes lead on electronic filing of court cases

As of Oct. 1, nearly all court cases in Erie County must be filed electronically making Erie County one of the first New York state counties to join the “e-filing” movement that has become commonplace in most areas around the nation.

“It’s nearly 2014, and time for this office to embrace technology,” Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs said. “E-filing will save time and money while making legal records easier to access,” stated Jacobs. Erie County will be one of nine counties, out of 62 counties throughout New York state, to implement mandatory e-filing.

The Erie County Clerk’s Office worked closely with Judge Paula Feroleto, Administrative Judge for New York’s 8th Judicial District, on this project and has partnered in numerous educational outreach efforts for local attorneys to prepare them for the transition to electronic filing.

Some actions will be exempt from mandatory e-filing such as matrimonial and mental hygiene cases, as well as Article 78 proceedings. A specific chart of cases that can be e-filed is available at

If you have specific questions about e-filing, please contact the Erie County Clerk’s Actions and Proceedings office at (716)858-6662 or by e-mail at