Presentation on coal was to educate

A recent letter to the editor (Sept. 17) condemned a talk that had not yet been given at a League of Women Voters’ luncheon that had not yet taken place and blamed the League for listening to the speaker who had not yet spoken.

The talk was titled “Moving Beyond Coal to Clean Energy,” a topic surely close to the heart of NRG and all its supporters in our County. Coal is no longer viable as a fuel for NRG: that’s what started the whole problem of what to do with the Dunkirk plant.

Is natural gas the best or only solution to the problem? Or should we look to a mixture of fossil and other fuels at present and plan for a long-term transition to fuels that are renewable and free? NRG is not putting all its eggs in one basket: it is a major producer of wind-generated electricity in New York state.

The League of Women Voters believes in examining all sides of a problem. We promote the informed participation of citizens in government, which is why we try to educate ourselves and the public at large about complicated issues. Had the letter-writer actually attended our meeting, he would have heard some encouraging news about job creation and the generation of tax revenues from renewable fuels, potentially a great boon to our economy.

But some people are upset by multifaceted issues and find it easiest to see the world in two dimensions. The League of Women Voters prefers to learn as much as possible about the situations we confront in the world as it actually exists.

Minda Rae Amiran is League of Women Voters member and Fredonia resident.