Johnson supports Start-Up NY

Fredonia Businessman Ron Johnson, the Democratic and Independence candidate for Chautauqua County Executive, recently outlined a key position in the Johnson Administration Economic Development plan.

“My approach to job creation and economic revitalization will be asset based economic development. We are blessed with the underpinnings and resources to be a stable and vibrant economy. Key among these assets are the top ranked academic institutions of SUNY-Fredonia and Jamestown Community College. Partnership between campuses, the state of New York and the Chautauqua County business community will be a top priority.”

“Our team will commit to forging partnerships that will build off the energy of the high tech potential of SUNY Fredonia’s Incubator in downtown Dunkirk, the expanding science and technology programs at both colleges, innovation of faculty and the talent and enthusiasm of the student population.”

“We will be certain the county and its partners are ready to take advantage of every opportunity to seek funds, create jobs and expand the economy. One such example is securing a designation for our area as part of the brand new Start-Up NY Program.”

“Start-Up NY promotes entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs by aligning public higher education and the creation of tax incentive communities across the state. The program will help businesses locate in a Start-Up NY Community. It targets start up and expanding companies to locate in direct proximity to a State College or University campus.”

“Chautauqua County has two highly regarded public institutions in SUNY Fredonia and JCC. These organizations have a long history of working together. The proximity of the campuses and existing employers creates ripe opportunity for growth facilitated by collaboration. Chautauqua County is in a unique position to attain such a designation and I will task my economic development leadership with putting together a well thought out and successful program. I pledge vigilance in seizing every opportunity to reach the goal of economic revitalization.”

“As County Executive I will make sure Chautauqua County will be the leader in the state in taking maximum advantage from Start-Up NY.”

Johnson is a fifth generation Chautauqua County resident, owner and operator of Johnson Adult Homes in Fredonia, and was the lead developer of Fredonia Place. He has turned around two different assisted living facilities in New York state and Florida. Johnson is a combat veteran of the Vietnam conflict, former Pomfret Town Justice and is a retired Chautauqua County Deputy Sheriff.