The power, ‘beauty’ of fall season


This is not new, but one of my favorites:

“Beauty of Autumn”

God gave us this season,

To enjoy as it comes our way.

He must have had a reason.

So his animals can dance and play.

Today I looked out my window.

God’s pride was walking on my lawn.

It was a deer as proud as he could be.

He was looking straight at me.

Could we ever doubt God’s power.

To provide us with such beauty.

Against the autumn leaves

All the colors as bright as can be.

When he thought it safe to go,

He ran away to show,

That he was free to wander,

Among the trees before it snows.

Oh, the beauty of the day revealed.

Thanks to God and his many ways.

We have the freedom to admire –

His greatness every day.

– 2006