Government not representing the people

A government shut down. A government that does not govern. A representative government that does not represent.

The United States was founded on several unbending concepts. Concepts that were not to be violated and not to be negotiated away. However, there is a new sense of something going wrong in this land that can no longer be denied. There is a belief held that the government of The United States is no longer the intended style of government we expect.

We elect representatives to be reasonable people who will see all sides of a situation, discuss that situation and create a compromise that works. That is not what we now have.

We now are represented by a group of people who have an entirely different agenda. It appears that the agenda now being followed is one that is not concerned with the person working day to day. It is a shame that we are now at the mercy of our own government.

Frankenstein lives. We, the people, have created a government that has become the masters of the creators, us. I deeply deplore this ruling body that has the audacity to stop the payments of thousand of government workers, American citizens, and keep their own pay flowing. They have decided that they will not live by the rules they make. A la King George.

It is my hope that this present situation passes like others have; however, I fear that while this Congress will come and go, the ruling body will not change its stripes. We seem to be at the mercy of the latest group of millionaires who are special interests controlled over the needs of the people. I am upset by this situation and other than vote and write letters I am without power to even speak to these people directly. They have no need to speak to the individual citizen other than to maintain the ruse of being our representative

Where do we go from here? Who knows? But so long as our government is more concerned with who sleeps with whom, who cheats on food stamps, maintaining the power of Monsanto, oil company tax gifts, and a whole array of those concepts that do not help the man in the street, we are in trouble.

Remember, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Warren Beyer is a Mayville resident.