Stockton Town Board prepares for 2014 budget

STOCKTON – The town board discussed their preliminary budget on Tuesday Oct. 8 and announced their tentative tax rates for the 2014 budget.

For residents in the street light district, tentatively, taxes for 2014 will decrease by .08 percent. Those living in the village will experience a .12 percent increase and people living outside the village and outside the light district will see a decrease of .74 percent.

Three capital projects have been budgeted for next year including the purchase of a single axle dump truck (with plow) for the highway department, the long awaited construction of a salt shed and lastly, the building of a fence around the veteran’s park in the town.

Board member Allen Chase said, “Over the years, we budget money for equipment and then we roll it over to buy that equipment. That’s why the town’s been debt free for years.”

Money has been set aside for three capital projects: $170,000 for the single-axle truck (with plow); $70,000 for the salt shed; $7,000 for the park fence.

Highway Superintendent Aaron Burnett said at last month’s meeting that that single-axle truck is a necessary purchase for the department. As for the salt shed, two bid amounts were received earlier this year. However, both were dismissed in hopes of a lower offer. The fence is being constructed in order to establish a property line.

In other matters, Town Supervisor David Wilson said he would like the public to be aware of the town’s curfew law which took effect in 2010 and states that any minor under the age of 18 years is not to remain in any public place between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

“Someone is going to get hurt and that is what I’m concerned about,” Wilson said, adding that people have been skateboarding in town late at night.

The board will hold a public hearing to discuss the 2014 budget at 7 p.m. at the Stockton Town Offices on Nov. 12.

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