Beachcombing event for Girl Scouts planned

On Columbus Day (Oct. 14) local Girl Scouts will visit Point Gratiot to comb the beach for craft supplies. This event is open to all scouts, girls interested in scouting and anyone interested in taking advantage of this area’s wonderful natural resource, Lake Erie. A registration table will also be available for those interested in joining scouts. This event will take place in the main pavilion from 1 to 4 p.m.

Girl Scouts is an organization dedicated to building girls’ self reliance and leadership. By learning to use the materials at hand, girls also learn to use resources wisely.

This event is sponsored by the local service unit. The service unit helps leaders by providing programs and connecting them with the larger Girl Scout organization. This year the unit plans to help girls explore water and some of the creatures that live in it. Field trips to the lake, a winter overnight at the Niagara Falls Aquarium and an expedition to collect fossils in the spring are being planned. Service unit meetings are open to everyone and participation is encouraged.

Girl Scouts relies on volunteers to carry out local programs. Adults need to step up and lead if there are to be local troops. Being a leader isn’t as hard as people might think. The service unit is there to help by providing programs for the girls and support for the adults.

The event is a chance for parents and other interested adults to learn about leadership and how they can work together to give girls a positive experience. It is also an opportunity for people to meet with experienced leaders. At the same time, girls will also be able to register for scouts. If there is no troop available, girls can register as independent scouts. Independent scouts can participate in service unit events and of course work on badges independently.

The next event will be on November 11 from 1-4. Girls will use the treasures they find on the beach to make crafts.