North Collins students give back to community

NORTH COLLINS – The energy of the eagle was out and about in the village of North Collins Friday. Students from the Junior/Senior High School took to the streets to give back.

Students in grades 7-12 were out in the community doing fall cleanup including raking, roadside cleaning and planting flowers while participating in the first-ever Eagle Energy Day.

High School Principal Annie Metcalf said a large group of “terrific teachers” brainstormed the event. The name Eagle Energy comes from the school’s mascot and the student’s energy.

“We live with this energy every day,” Metcalf added.

Teachers put out notice to students the event would take place and the students signed up. Students were then drawn at random to participate in the event. Students went out in two-hour shifts and were drawn at random since there was an overwhelming response to the event.

“The event is two-pronged. One side is just to thank our community (for all they do) and the other side is to teach the kids about giving back,” Metcalf said.

Students helped complete fall yardwork at private residences and along Main Street where they cleaned and worked on a flower box. Students also worked on a one-mile strip of Route 249 cleaning the roadside and at the Langford Park cleaning a trail, planting bulbs and identification of Ash trees. Twenty six students helped clean Route 249, which is also known as Collin Renaldo Memorial Highway.

Collin passed away as a result of a four-wheeling accident in 2008. Sophomore Kourtney Mallaber said she volunteered in Collin’s memory. Fellow classmate, sophomore Jasmine Filkob said she volunteered to give back to the community and not just a free pass out of classes.

“I signed up just to help out our community,” said Filkob. “It’s been fun. You get to hang out with your friends.”

The pair of girls said the strangest thing they found during roadside cleanup was a radio split in half. Two groups started at opposite ends of Route 249 and met in the middle before moving on to Langford Park. The school’s resource officer arranged his schedule so he could drive behind the group of students to alert passing motorists. Metcalf said since there is “so much excitement” about this year’s event she hopes it will continue into next year and Eagle Energy Day will become an annual event.

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