October is Adopt a Dog Month

The beginning of January this year, the employees of the Dunkirk Animal Clinic were blessed to meet a 10-year-old yellow female Labrador retriever named Princess who had been surrendered to the Lake Shore Humane Society. She had no hair and was extremely thin, yet she was so happy to be getting attention and love from everyone at our hospital. She was treated for a skin infection secondary to a severe allergy and was sent back to the shelter with a high calorie diet plan to help her put some weight on. Within a matter of time, her skin was improving, and she gradually started to gain some weight back. Through it all, she remained happy and sweet and she decided that she wanted to go home with one of our employees here at the clinic!

While under the care of her new owner, Princess was started on an immune therapy medication for her chronic skin allergies. She improved greatly on this medication and ultimately grew all her hair back! Because Princess was feeling so much better, having not been spayed previously, she started to go through heat cycles. In a matter of a few months she started to develop mammary nodules. Now in much better health, we decided it was best to spay her and remove the mammary nodules. Fortunately the mammary nodules were benign cysts. Princess was also diagnosed with a bladder tumor, but with medication we have been able to shrink the bladder tumor. An incredible dog, she is doing wonderfully well.

October is adopt a dog month. I have had the opportunity to work with the many wonderful dogs that are up for adoption at the Lake Shore Humane Society and would encourage anyone who might be thinking about adopting a dog to go and meet all the wonderful pups at the shelter.

“Smokey” is a 3-year-old German Shepherd who is very well behaved and loves coming to the veterinarian. He loves to play and loves the water. He enjoys swimming, the beach, and baths and knows many commands. He is well-behaved on or off the leash and loves children. Keep in mind before adopting a German Shepherd, however that you understand their personality. They are very loyal dogs and sometimes tend to bond to one person so it is important that everyone in the family interact with them. They are also very active and need a good amount of daily play to keep them happy.

“TKO” is a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix who is beige, black and brown. He is fully housebroken and loves to be held. He is a very sweet guy and would make a great companion for an elderly person.

“Rosie” is a 2-year-old black and white coonhound. She is very friendly and active and would make a great hunting dog if trained correctly.

“Jase” is an outgoing Chihuahua mix who loves to jump and run. He would make a great companion for someone active who would love a partner for walking or jogging. He is very good on the leash, good with other dogs, and good with kids. He also loves his toys.

“Rudy” is a very cute 2-year-old wire terrier mix who is very smart and will bond well with his owner. He tends to like women more than men and wants to be with people all the time. He is very attentive and photogenic. He responds to treats well and knows many commands.

“King” and “Diamond” are a mother and son duo but do not need to be adopted together. They are terrier/Chihuahua mixes and are both very friendly dogs. Diamond is black and white and is very sweet and quiet. She loves to be held and would make a great companion for an elderly person or couple. King is a very cute brown terrier mix. He is much more active and tends to be an alpha dog. He would do better in a home that does not have another alpha dog.

“Kip” is a 9-month-old blonde and white beagle/lab mix who is friendly and active. She is learning her commands well and loves to play with toys. She would fit in well with an active family.

Please consider adopting one of these animals from the Lake Shore Humane Society or another animal from one of the other local shelters in our area. They are all in need of a loving home. Any dog adopted from a local shelter receives a free office call and exam at our clinic within 60 days. Some of the best pets are those that have been strays or have been abandoned. They are desperate for a loving owner to give them the attention they deserve and that they may have never experienced.