Visibility key to market

About three weeks ago, this corner chimed in about the city of Dunkirk’s efforts regarding the Farmers’ Market.

It was a disgrace. The market was placed in Memorial Park on Thursdays and Sundays, hidden from motorists and those who were on the main strip of Central Avenue downtown.

Last week, a new location was proposed publicly during the Economic Development Committee meeting – right outside the Boardwalk.

“I think it could work out,” said Steve Neratko, Dunkirk development director. “We did explore that opportunity last year. For whatever reason at that time the Boardwalk folks were not on board with that opportunity at the time. Now, it seems like they are. It wasn’t a rough year but it was a down year for them. They’re looking to explore opportunities to bring it back up again.”

For a Farmers’ Market to succeed it has to follow the model of those in Fredonia and Westfield. Have it where there is traffic and it is visible. Both villages have excellent locations.

Memorial Park is not an excellent location. The Boardwalk option, especially in the summer months, is a much better solution.