Decision is no cause for alarm

A recent decision by the Brocton Village Board is one more example of government looking as though it is working for its constituents.

In a far from major decision, the board approved a shorter fire whistle during the evening – as not to wake up the overpopulated community. “I’ve heard feelings both ways from the public and the board and fire department,” said village Mayor David Hazelton.

So this improves the community in what way? Maybe more business will locate to the village because of a quieter evening? Maybe the electric rates will be lower because the alarm will not sound as long?

This is exactly the type of inconsequential decision made by our numerous government boards these days. Heck, who knows, one of these Brocton trustees may tout their efforts on this initiative in the next village election.

Municipal boards need to make tough decisions. Silver Creek did it in the summer by ending its police force. Forestville is going through a process of dissolution.

What did the village of Brocton do? It shortened the fire whistle.

Though the decision may have some sleeping easier, it does not do anything to fix the lack of progress made in the village by its board in the last 50 years.