Cornell says Renew Local campaign saves taxpayers money

MAYVILLE – Restating her proposal of eight years ago, Chautauqua County Clerk Candidate Lori Cornell called again for a marketing effort to renew at local Department of Motos Vehicles offices during a recent Administrative Services Committee meeting.

When county residents renew locally the money stays in Chautauqua County and offsets property taxes instead of going to Albany. Cornell, who served as a member of the Administrative Services Committee for the last 4 years with oversight responsibility of the Clerk’s Office, introduced a proposal in the budget process to include $5,000 for a Renew Local campaign. It is her fourth attempt to provide such funding stressing the importance of keeping county residents’ hard-earned money locally, instead of sending it to Albany. History has demonstrated that the money used for marketing campaigns for renewing locally has returned its investment five-fold to county taxpayers.

“Once again I am pressing for a renew local campaign to keep our tax dollars here instead of Albany,” Cornell said. “Although Mr. Barmore was not supportive of my proposal during the meeting, I am encouraged that he put out a press release shortly thereafter endorsing a renew local effort and my longstanding push. This should be a bipartisan effort and I remain hopeful that we can get it done. It has worked well in the past and I see no reason why it wouldn’t work well again.”

In 2005, then County Clerk candidate Cornell outlined several proposals to keep the county’s tax dollars locally including the “Renew Local” marketing campaign. She said for 2014 it is critical that such a campaign be initiated in order to shore up the budget of the Office of County Clerk.

“The effort to keep our hard earned tax dollars here in Chautauqua County is one that I have pushed for some time,” Cornell added. “I think the message is starting to get through and with Mr. Barmore now on board, I think we can work together to get it done.”