For the Record

Youth Hockey

Pee Wee Mixed Division – Fredonia Steelers 2, Batavia Remparts 1

Jared Glowniak scored the game-winning goal 3:38 into the third period to lead the Steelers to their first victory of the league season at Steele Hall Arena. Alec Schrader gave the Steelers a 1-0 lead with under three minutes remaining in the first period. Batavia tied the score in the second period before Glowniak scored in the third period. Zach Korzeniewski and Michael Persch assisted on Glowniak’s goal. Nick Novelli was in goal. The Steelers are 1-2-1 in the league and play next Sunday in Niagara Falls against the Niagara Coyotes.

West Seneca Wings 3, Fredonia Steelers 2

West Seneca scored with 18 seconds remaining in the third period to pull out the win against the Steelers at Steele Hall. West Seneca opened the scoring less than two minutes into the game before Jared Glowniak tied the score with 2:02 left in the first period. West Seneca scored in the second period and the score remained that way before Glowniak scored his second goal of the game in the third period. Jimmy Rush had the assist. Nick Novelli was in goal for the Steelers.

Adult Pool

Gowanda APA League – Satandings as of Oct. 13: Mike’s PG Team, Jamestown St. Marauders, 8-Ball Assassins, Ronnie’s Crazy 8’S, Legion Machines, Twoguns Team, Jamestown Raiders, Jamestown Tavern. Top gun: Mike Jemiolo is first in the Purple Tier. Arlyn Schindler is first in the Red Tier. Terry Bridenbaker is first in the Yellow Tier. Judith Kurtzworth is first in the Blue Tier.

Adult Hockey

CCHA B League – Wicked Glen 7, Coughlans 4

Goals for Wicked Glen were scored by Sean Strickler (3), Brian Denea, Kevin Smith (2) and Tony Catuza. Mike Szach, Brian Denea (3), Tony Catuza, Kevin Smith and James Azzarella were credited with assists.

Goalie Mike Barrett got the win.

Coughlans goal scorers were Matt Traniella (2), Wes Buehler and Dan Belllis. Dan Bellis, Mike Pachol, Jim Rozen and Tucker Krauza (2) recorded assists.

Chris McCracken took the loss in goal.

Heenans 3, The Pick-UPS 3

Goals for Heenans were scored by Jeff Huyck and Michael Rozewicz (2). Dave Wright was credited with Heenans lone assist.

Gary Shain was in goal for Heenans.

John Sullivan, Mike Gzyl and Brandon Naperalski scored one goal each for The Pick-UPS. Mike Gzyl, Dan Minich and John Sullivan recorded assists.

Dave Stepaniak was in goal for The Pick-UPS.

CCHA?C League – Beaver Club 2, Wicked Glen 2

Goals for Beaver Club were scored by Brain Zambotti and Jim Rozen. Ed Paluch was credited with Beaver Clubs only assist.

Goalie Shane Randolph was between the pipes for Beaver Club.

Drew Carriero and Mike Brooks scored goals for Wicked Glen while Eric Williams and John Weise recorded assists.

Nate Williams was in goal for Wicked Glen.

EBC 6, Lakeview Shock 3

Goals for EBC were scored by Mark Taylor, Ryan Simon (3), Dan Courtney and Joe Hallmark Jr. Rick Simon (2), Ryan Simon, Dan Courtney (2) and Mark Taylor (2) recored assists.

Jim Eschberger, Mike Korzeniewski and Chris Spellberg scored goals for Lakeview Shock while Keith Mages, Jim Eschberger (2), Tony Privitera and Mike Korzeniewski were credited with assists.

Goalie Brian Lillie took the loss in goal.

Adult Bowling

Paul Hill Memorial League, Oct. 11 – High team single: South Dayton Hotel 1102. High team series: Amish Collections 2069. High individual single: Ernie Clareus 300, Kathy Earle 196. High individual series: Ernie Clareus 719, Kathy Earle 466. Other high scores: Pat Richter 222-606, Ed Howard 206-212-235-653, Mike Howard 215, Justin Clareus 222-203, Ken Purdy 201-215, Daren Waterman 202-269-656, Rich Sandy 202, Kathy Earle 196, Jeremy Jimerson 205-215-609, Justin Grimm 214-239-651, Gene Aanerud 211-204-606, Mike Cimino 200, Mike McKeever 218.

Paul Hill Memorial League, Oct. 4 – High team single: Gowanda Ford 1049. High team series: Amish collections: 2996. High individual single: Ed Howard 288, Joyce Purdy 210. High individual series: Ed Howard 757, Joyce Purdy 495. Other high scores: Ed Howard 257-288-212-757, Mike Meyers 246-206-623, Art Arthur 244, Ernie Clareus 200, Ken Purdy Sr. 211, Justin Clareus 236, Robbie Coulon 253, Bob Stelley 235, Brandon Coulon 215, Daren Waterman 235, Rob Richter 244, Bobby Brown 205, Mike Howard 236-625, Paul Schulz 229, Mary Grimm 162, Justin Grimm 208, Doe Connolly 178, Mike McKeever 200, Nancy Earle 174-178, Kathy Earle 177, Joyce Purdy 210.

Paul Hill Memorial League, Sept. 27 – High team single: Gowanda Ford 992. High team series Gowanda Ford 2855. High individual single: Pat Richter 237, Kathy Earle 120. High individual series: Justin Grimm 672, Kathy Earle 560. Other high scores: Ken Purdy Sr. 203, Diane Emke 177-167, Mike Meyers 223-210, Liz Gabel 160, Justin Clareus 204, Nancy Earle 187-181-178-546, Bob Stelley 235, Kathy Earle 161-189-210-560, Mike Emke 203, Rob Richyet 205, Pat Richter 222-237-203-662, Justin Grimm 236-214-222-672, Ed Howard 210-213-615.

Paul Hill Memorial League, Sept. 20 – High team single: Gowanda Starcraft 1038. High team series Mystery, Inc. 2994. High individual single: Mike McKeever 277, Liz Gabel 188. High individual series: Mike McKeever 797, Joyce Purdy 503. Other high scores: Jeremy Jimerson 210-212, Ken Purdy 216, Justin Grimm 252-226-627, Pat Richter 202-235, Gene Aanerud 202, Mike Howard 204-212-203-619, Mike McKeever 265-255-277-797, Diane Emke 184, Bobby Brown 205, Liz Gabel 188, Bradley Schulz 238, Joyce Purdy 165-171-167-503, Mike Meyers 200, Dee Connolly 168, Justin Clareus 208, Nancy Earle 162, Daren Waterman 202, Kathy Earle 162-168.

Paul Hill Memorial League, Sept. 13 – High team single: Mystery, Inc. 1039. High team series: Mystery, Inc. 2933. High individual single: Robbie Coulon 252, Jamie Krajewski 223. High individual series: Robbie Coulon 662, Jamie Krajewski 525. Other high scores: Robbie Coulton 252-200-210-662, Nancy Earle 169, Jeremy Jimerson 210, Kathy Earle 160-184-502, Mike Meyers 223, Jamie Krajewski 223-169-525, Justin Clareus 205-200-600, Diane Emke 161, Larry Brown 202, Liz Gabel 174, Mike Howard 201, Ed Howard 233-607, Bobby Brown 203, Ken Purdy 235-205-631, Rich Sandy 235.

Paul Hill Memorial League, Sept. 6 – High team single: Amish Collections 1121. High team series: Amish Collections: 3255. High individual single: Dan Moyer 288, Nancy Earle 179. High individual series: Mike McKeever 761, Nancy Earle 481. Other high scores: Bradley Schulz 212, Dan Moyer 245-288-208-741, Mike Emke 213, Doug Jimerson 217-203, Rob Richter 202, Lucas Halo 202, Pat Richter 208-203, Mike Meyers 216, Mike Howard 225-217-624, Justin Clareus 204, Ken Purdy Sr. 243, Bob Stelley 206-204, Justin Grimm 230-220-236-686, Daren Waterman 227, Mike McKeever 267-247-247-761, Dee Connolly 169, Ed Howard 211-221-611, Nancy Earle 179-165.