LaDuca-Conti reunion held

The annual LaDuca-Conti reunion was held recently at the Russell Joy Park in Fredonia with 110 attending from California, Washing-ton, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Connecticut, North Carolina, New York and England.

This was the 60th reunion for the members of the John and Mattia LaDuca family and the 11th reunion for the Conti family.

A moment of silence was held for the deceased family members including Martha Conti Smith of Washington and Dale Sherman of Westfield.

The blessing by Dory Conti Johnson preceded the buffet luncheon. Afterward Peter Smith of Washington, gave a lovely memorial about his mom, Martha Smith, which brought both laughter and tears..

The youngest members present were 6-week-old Lauren Dunn (Quigley-DeCosta) from North Carolina, 4-month-old Dominic Bruzee (Richard Conti) from Rochester, N.Y., 6-month- old Ruby Neff (Smith-DeCosta) from Ohio, and 10-month-old Emma Morrison (Johnson-John Conti) from Brocton.

The oldest attendees were Anthony Spann from Westfield and Marian, Hazel and Ross Conti, all from Fredonia.

A cake was presented to Vincent and Annette DeCosta of Fredonia by their children in honor of the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary. They were married on January 3, 1953 at St. Anthony’s Church in Fredonia. Their children, Louann and Larry Smith of N. Canton, Ohio, Linda and Dave Hauser of Silver Creek, Louise and Ewald Bacher of Fredonia and Antonett Charletta of Riverside, Calif., attended the reunion. Not present were Vincent and Josefina DeCosta of Cathedral City, Calif., Joe Charletta of California and Tom Quigley of Nashville, Tenn.

Ruth Louise Conti, Dory Conti Johnson and Louise DeCosta Bacher were in charge of the pinata and games. Christopher Conti and Marci Conti won the egg toss and Hannah Charletta and Isabella Neff placed second. Alissa Conti and Nicholas Conti won the balloon toss and Hannah Charletta and Brandon (DeCosta) Moody placed second.

The weddings of Corey Lin Quigley and Kenton Dunn in December and Loren and Jacklyn Smith on July 4 were announced. Other weddings included Angela Johnson and Brian O’Rourke and Taylor Dykeman (Martha Smith) and Curtis Giles of Washington. An upcoming wedding is that of Caitlin Conti. Two family members now engaged are Carys Lyons (DeCosta) and Adam Quigley (DeCosta).

The 2014 reunion will be held on the fourth Sunday in July.