Court case not ‘real news’

Court case

not ‘real news’


A recent Page 1 headline regarding a Fredonia trustee’s court case moving to Stockton (Oct. 2) was just nonsense. One just has to look at your Page 3 crime reports and see how out of the mainstream this is.

If you are going to print in headlines on misdemeanor charges then do it for everyone. I do see a felony charge on that page in small print in the same day’s edition.

I can only conclude no one is paying attention to the real problems of Chautauqua County, Dunkirk-Fredonia and surrounding areas or the editor is out to get a Democrat or has a personal vendetta. This did not belong in the headlines.

The paper is well known for its strictly conservative views. So which is it?

Democrat doing something wrong in his personal life or a personal vendetta? I do not know the person involved, but know he is in public service. Shame on the OBSERVER for this type of reporting, get into some real news of the day, not this stuff.

Gossip doesn’t belong in the headlines..

Just as a side note, the reason I mention the political part of my thought is because I have been keeping track of your cartoons, editorials and blogs from various conservative writers. The ratio is about 80-to-1 anti-Democrat and anti-President Obama.