Paving Places

Two roads that have been a hot-button issue together at the past two Fredonia Village Board meetings have recently seen the paving machine give them some attention.

Holmes Place and Bryant Place (a dead-end street at the end of Holmes Place) were recently paved after residents of the streets complained they had been ground up to the point of almost not being drivable since July.

“We’re still wondering how water is going to run on the pavement and things like that and we have had some major rainfalls and I haven’t heard anything negative at all. So, I’m assuming that’s good,” Mayor Stephen Keefe said. “I’ve had emails and I’ve walked down there and the (residents) seem very pleased with it.”

Keefe said crews paved the streets on Oct. 4. The roads were grated down a couple days prior in anticipation for the paving.

“They’re still doing some finishing touches and there’s still going to be some things we’ll be working on down there,” he said. “But, I think the street surface itself is in great shape. It was a good cooperative effort with the county, the village and also a number of surrounding townships that utilized their trucks to haul the asphalt. It was just a good shared service.”

Almost 30 Holmes Place and Bryant Place residents attended a village board meeting in September to express their frustration with inaction on fixing up the streets. Originally, the project called for taking the streets down, cleaning them up, putting new water pipes down and putting in brand new, paved roads. That was after several pipes ruptured underneath the streets in a short period of time.

The OBSERVER attempted to contact Department of Public Works Supervisor Jack Boland for a comment, but calls were not immediately returned.

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