Plenty of topics for city officials


I have several comments for the Dunkirk Common Council. This council made remarks over the radio that they have no opposition for this election because they must be doing a good job.

My answer to that is simple. They have no opponents because no one had the time and no one else wanted to get involved in the mess that has been created.

But that was a mistake. We all know now so at the next elections we have two years to plan our strategy.

My next comment goes out to the city attorney. Why does he make more money than the mayor and why does the city attorney dictate policy to the council? That is not his job. His job is legal matters only whenever he is in his office.

My last comment is that in the new budget for next year, the library better be cut in its funding. My taxes were not raised for the library.

You are not putting my tax money to good use. It should be used for more important things such as our water and disposal plants and city garage plus the other departments in the city.

My final comment is that I am tired of watching the council meetings that are preprogrammed. Christa Haynes and Dan McGill did a lot better job and didn’t get paid $1,000 a month. There is more to come at a later date.