Barmore discusses experience with area groups

Chautauqua County Clerk candidate Larry Barmore recently addressed several area groups including the Dunkirk Rotary Club as well as Meet and Greet events held in Dunkirk, Fredonia, Hanover and Westfield. Outlining his qualifications for the job, Barmore discussed his more than 40 years in business and management and how he will use that experience to maintain a seamless transition to the County Clerk’s office.

“As important as education is, you don’t learn how to manage effectively in a book,” stated Barmore. “You learn by trial and error. I made those mistakes 35 years ago, learned from them and grew as a manager, a business leader and as a person. I learned how to manage staff so they are excited about being more productive and working together as a team. I learned how to manage resources to get the best return on the dollars we spend to provide the best possible service to our customers. I learned how to lead through example by arriving early, being prepared and by rolling up my sleeves to get the job done so I can fully appreciate what it takes to provide the services our customers want and need.”

As a business leader, Barmore stated he understands how costly on-the-job training is and while the need to train new employees is necessary, the top job is not an entry-level position. “The County Clerk, who is responsible for managing multiple departments including three DMV offices, County Historian, Department of Weights and Measures and also serves as clerk of the Supreme and County Courts, recorder of all land records and records management officer for all county government records, is a management position. It’s not a political job. Politics has no part in the effective management of the services our residents and visitors require.”

Barmore who has spent 6 years on the County Legislature and the last 3 as the Majority Leader understands that it takes more than rhetoric to get a job done. “As a legislator, I believe the job isn’t simply setting policy. It’s rolling up your sleeves and getting to work,” he added. “That’s the work ethic I live by in my business, that’s the work ethic I brought to the legislature and that’s the work ethic I will bring to the County Clerk’s office.”

Barmore’s accomplishments as a legislator extend beyond his district which encompasses Gerry, Falconer and part of Ellicott. Since joining the legislature in 2008 Barmore has been able to work with county and local leaders to clean up the Sinclairville Trailer Park, sell the old Village of Falconer sewer plant, get a grant to clean up debris in the Chadakoin river, set up a joint fueling agreement between Chautauqua County, the Town of Ellicott and Falconer Central School that saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, and found more than $300,000 paid erroneously to municipalities which was refunded to the county, in addition to many other accomplishments. Barmore’s motto is to help anyone from any district, no matter what the concern.

“I am not a career politician. I am a career businessman. I don’t believe politics has any place in the County Clerk’s office. The work is far too important to every resident of Chautauqua County,” said Barmore. “My recent experience in the legislature provides the needed knowledge of government operations, but my experience in business and customer service is what will keep the County Clerk’s office running effectively and efficiently. It will not be a trial and error process. It will be a seamless transition with a renewed and invigorated focus on improving on the solid foundation laid by our current County Clerk, Sandy Sopak.”

Barmore also discussed his passion for history and excitement about the opportunity to work in an office as diverse and rich in history as the County Clerk’s office.

“As your County Clerk, I will continue to be as passionate and energetic in my approach to the services the Clerk’s office offers as I have been in my personal, professional and civic service. The people of Chautauqua County deserve a County Clerk who can and will manage effectively and efficiently. I believe my track record speaks for itself. As a business owner, I have put in many hours to ensure the businesses success. I have led staff, I have poured over every detail of every budget, I have used my experience to cut costs, improve services and get the job done. These are the qualities I will bring to the County Clerk’s office.”