Horrigan focused on Lake Shore Health Care Center

County Executive Candidate Vince Horrigan expressed his deep concern about an abrupt statement by the Lake Erie Regional Health System announcing the closure of the Lake Shore Health Care Center in Irving.

“This facility provides important health care services to northern Chautau-qua County, employs about 450 people, and is a vital part of our economy. It is critical that we do everything possible to minimize any negative impact on the community,” Horrigan said.

Immediately upon learning of the unexpected closure announcement of this important hospital and nursing care facility, Horrigan contacted local and state elected officials, who were actively reaching out to the New York State Health Department and the Lake Shore management team to explore all possible solutions.

“As County Executive, I will continue to remain engaged with Senator Young, Assemblyman Goodell, all other involved officials to ensure the best possible outcome is reached to ensure high quality health care for our Northeastern Chautauqua County residents,” Horrigan said.