County Independence Party endorses Cunningham for Stockton Town Justice

The Chautauqua County Independence Party has endorsed Mark Cunningham for Stockton Town Justice.

In the announcement, the Independence Party Executive Committee endorsed Cunningham after a primary election that resulted in a tie vote.

Election law allows the party chairman to break a tie in a primary election. Thom Shagla, party chairman, said in the Executive Committee breaking the tie, it was not a difficult decision.

“Mark Cunningham has the experience and credentials to be an effective Town Justice. Cunningham’s broad based support in the primary elections and his work with Veterans in the criminal justice system, made the decision easy,” Shagla said.

“I am honored to have received the Independence Party Executive Committee’s endorsement,” Cunningham said. “I am proud to have the support of such quality people. I appreciate the members of the Independence Party backing me. The tremendous support I have received from the residents of the Town of Stockton has truly been humbling.

In addition to the Independence Party endorsement, Cunningham is also endorsed by the Republican and Conservative parties, and is the candidate on the Working Families and Green parties as well.