Collins holds public hearings on CDBG, tax cap override

COLLINS – The town of Collins is once again looking for grant monies through the Community Development Block Grants. During a recent board meeting, the board discussed eligible projects during a public hearing.

The town received funding last year for the L.K. Painter Community Center for various work including exterior brick work. The town also put in an application for new playground equipment at the town park, which was not funded last year. Supervisor David Tessmer said municipalities who received grant funding in last year’s round of applications will receive a lower rank this year. Since rural transit requested to be funded, the town will use the service as one of its three available rankings and discussed using the playground equipment application.

“You get more points for repeat applications,” Tess-mer said.

The town will rank the projects at its next board meeting on Oct. 21. The board also held a public hearing to override the tax levy limit. For the 2014 fiscal year, the limit is lower than 2 percent.

“We are subject to provisions that our levy cannot be raised more than 1.66 percent. It was 2 percent last year,” said Tessmer. “This is a standard operating procedure. It is not our intention to raise taxes more than 1.66 percent.”

Councilman Robert Gaylord by passing the override for the tax cap will protect the town from any unforeseen circumstance or problems which may arise. It is a “safety net,” he said.

The town also approved Seth Howard as part-time court officer, Justin Wallschlaeger for a part-time laborer in the water department, to repair the wheelchair lift at the LKPCC by Victory Lifts, Inc. at a cost of $1,835 and approved to purchase a Ferris 24 HP, 61-inch deck three-wheel mower from Lamb and Webster for a net cost of $6,350 after a $2,100 trade-in. The town also approved staff for the winter recreation program.

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