Silver Creek holds first Bring Your Tractor to School Day

SILVER CREEK – Students at Silver Creek High School brought their tractors to school Thursday to cultivate spirit for Homecoming week.

Silver Creek High School Principal James Klubek explained that last year Tim Manning, now a senior, asked if he could organize the event. Klubek said Manning is from a farming family and after calling other schools that have a Bring Your Tractor to School Day and coordinating with the local police, the event was rolled into spirit week activities.

“It is spirit week this week and (Thursday) was Hillbilly Day where students dressed like Hillbillies and were able to bring their tractors to school,” he explained.

Klubek said six students drove their tractors to school and parked them out front where they could be seen from passing cars and students getting on and off the buses.

“Some were huge,” Klubek said. “We had a backhoe, a big John Deere 110 horse power, an International Harvester and a couple more John Deeres.”

Klubek said he spoke with one student, Nathan Delcamp from Sheridan, who in the past year was able to build one tractor out of two similar tractors and drove that tractor to school Thursday.

“It was a great thing because usually we focus on academics but this gave us an opportunity to show case students who are not normally represented in farming,” Klubek said.

Silver Creek High School has had many events this week for spirit week including the powder puff football game between the junior and senior girls on Monday, Hippie Day on Tuesday, Zombie Day on Wednesday and Black and Gold day today for the Homecoming game and the Homecoming dance Saturday.

“It has been a really good week,” Klubek said. “(Tractor Day) put everybody in great spirit.”

Klubek said the school and Manning are planning another tractor day for the spring, possibly for part of prom.