Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


DOING THEIR JOB – We applaud Chautauqua County Sheriff Deputy Stephen Romanik and Ray Austin, who works for Alstar Emergency Medical Services. The two were credited with saving the life of Valerie A. Roach of Silver Creek after her vehicle went off the road in Villenova and became fully engulfed in flames. Austin was actually off duty when he stumbled upon the crash. Had it not been for their quick action, it is unlikely Roach would have survived or if she had, she would have been in far worse condition.

REMEMBERING THE HOLOCAUST – On Sunday, Oct. 27, the Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration Committee of Chautauqua County is sponsoring a remembrance service at Temple Beth El in Dunkirk. The last ceremony took place in 2007. Events like this help the community, especially young people, realize the horror that can take place when good people do nothing in the face of evil.

CELEBRATING 75 YEARS – Congratulations to the Cassadaga Valley Central School District and alumni. Last weekend, the community celebrated 75 years since the district came together. In 1938, there were 31 one-room schoolhouses. A vote took place at the state Department of Education’s urging for the schools to form one rural district. The community passed it and the Cassadaga Valley region was formed. Apparently in the 1930s voters realized the value of coming together. If only residents of local school districts had as much foresight today.


DRINKING AND DRIVING – Roach, 28, whose vehicle crashed and caught on fire in Villenova, has been charged with driving while intoxicated. The two men, whom we applauded above, saved her life. If true, her actions endangered not only herself but two others who risked their own lives, not counting others who were driving on the road. This time the driver was saved. The next driver who operates a vehicle intoxicated may not be so lucky.