Is Cornell avoiding Home issue?


It seems to me Legislator Lori Cornell, who was once vocal about not wanting to sell the County Home, has become silent on the issue since she decided to run for county clerk.

She did not attend the informational session where she would have been able to directly speak with the individuals who have offered to buy it, nor did she visit any of their other facilities. It’s important to note her opponent for County Clerk Legislator Larry Barmore, along with Legislator Vince Horrigan, drove to the facility owned by Vestracare and spent approximately two hours speaking with residents, staff and touring the facility.

Barmore and Horrigan then took time out from campaigning to attend the informational session even though they had already had ample opportunity to gather information.

Mrs. Cornell has been on record saying she would vote to sell to a reputable buyer, yet she skipped the meeting where she could have found out. I’ve also heard Mrs. Cornell doesn’t plan to attend the vote on Oct. 30 and has said she will vote for a sale after the election but not before.

I think this is extremely dishonest and derelict in her legislative duties. According to her own campaign information, she does not have a job and is spending all of her time campaigning. If Mr. Barmore can work a full-time job, campaign and still go above and beyond in his legislative duties, I think that speaks volumes about who can actually manage their time and commitments.

I also think if Mrs. Cornell doesn’t vote on Oct. 30 to let us voters know exactly where she stands, then I certainly hope the voters return the favor on Nov. 5.

Ken Clement is a Dunkirk resident.