Barmore alerts veterans about designations

Chautauqua County Clerk candidate Larry Barmore is alerting military veterans of the new veteran designation option on driver’s licenses as well as the Return the Favor card offered by the County Clerk’s office.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Office has now added the option for honorably discharged military veterans to add that distinction to their driver’s license. There is no additional cost to add the distinction during the renewal period, however, anyone wanting to add the distinction prior to their license expiration will be charged an amendment fee of $12.50.

“Military veterans in Chautauqua County now have two new ways to identify themselves as honorably discharged veterans. In addition to the designation on driver’s licenses, the County Clerk’s office also issues Return the Favor discount cards to honorably discharged veterans,” said Barmore. “The benefit of the Return the Favor card is, first and foremost, it’s free. Secondly, it allows the cardholder to use the card at participating businesses and receive discounts.”

Barmore went on to note he supports county clerks across the state in their effort to get the $12.50 DMV fee waived for the amendment to add the veteran distinction to the driver’s license.

“Just as there is no fee to file military discharges or receive the Return the Favor card at the County Clerk’s office, I feel there should be no charge to add that distinction to the license at any time,” Barmore said. “As County Clerk, I will join the rest of the New York State County Clerk’s Association in their fight to have that fee removed.”

Barmore also stated he is a supporter of the Return the Favor card and is also one of the participating businesses who offer a discount to cardholders. In addition, Barmore has a plan to invigorate the businesses to get more participating in the program.

“As County Clerk, I will work with Deputy County Clerk Tracie Kaminski Haskin who has coordinated the Return the Favor program, to get more businesses to participate and offer discounts to our military veterans,” said Barmore. “With an invigorated proactive approach, I believe we can grow from the 52 businesses currently participating and make it a program Chautauqua County can brag about.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the Return the Favor card offered at the County Clerk’s office is asked to contact Deputy County Clerk Kaminski Haskin at 753-4977 or by email at