Banquet: No divide in celebration

One of the special things about the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce banquet each year is it erases the notorious and historic north-south divide in this county.

At the banquet, everyone who attends is united in celebrating the work done by businesses, volunteers and even government. Last week’s event in the Williams Center on the Fredonia State University campus succeeded in getting across a positive message in the business community while spotlighting achievements.

Winning the major economic development awards and person of the year awards were Lake Shore Savings Bank and County Executive Greg Edwards, respectively. Another nice touch at the event shines on the quiet achievements of the volunteers and community members by the local chambers of commerce.

Those winners included: Doug Fenton, Dunkirk Chamber of Commerce; Tim Eades, Fredonia Chamber of Commerce; Dennis Webster and Terry Frank, Jamestown Chamber of Commerce; Access Channel 5’s team, Chautauqua-Mayville chamber; Matt Bogosian, Hanover-Silver Creek chamber; and Nancy Hanks, Westfield-Barcelona chamber.

Congratulations to all.