‘Realistic’ plan a team effort

During a time when a number of area municipalities pass legislation to exceed the 2 percent tax cap, it appears the city of Dunkirk is on the right track when taking a glance at Mayor Anthony J. Dolce’s proposed budget.

Dolce’s plan, which holds the tax rate and cuts spending, is a team effort. That effort begins with the city firefighters and police force, which has agreed to contracts that included wage freezes.

“Like homeowners, businesses and other municipalities, the city has faced and continues to face many serious financial challenges,” Dolce said last week. “The 2014 budget is the result of two years of hard work in taking a realistic approach to the city’s needs, balanced with an awareness of the fiscal realities. … As usual, difficult decisions have been made in realistically managing the city’s resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Overall, the 2014 plan is a reduction in spending by $550,000. Keeping expenses in line has to be the goal in moving forward – for all government entities. Not doing so puts added pressure on our dwindling number of taxpayers.