Fair taxation option is on table


It is time for sensible tax reform and an alternative to federal taxes based on income.

It is widely known that our current federal tax system is deeply flawed – overly complex, in many ways unfair, inefficient to collect, unfriendly to savings and investment, invasive of citizen privacy, fraught with special favors.

There is a bill pending in the House of Representatives Ways & Means Committee (H.R. 25) co-sponsored by over 70 members (but not our own Tom Reed) that would replace taxes based on income with a simple, fair, efficient, transparent, savings and investment-friendly tax on consumption, a single rate national sales tax on new goods and services, not subject to manipulation by special interests.

To make it progressive, all citizens are exempt from the tax up to the poverty/basic subsistence level. The elimination of corporate, payroll, and self-employment taxes would promote U.S. jobs and manufacturing. Learn more at the Americans for Fair Taxation website www.fairtax.org and urge Tom Reed to support it.