Fire on the tracks

A Norfolk Southern train’s engine caught fire near the Ralston Purina plant in the town of Dunkirk Monday just after 3 p.m. while on its way to Ohio. No one was injured.

According to East Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Department Chief Joel Biscaro, the fire was caused by a fluid leak in the train’s turbo engine.

Biscaro said they used water, but “for the most part, it burned itself out.”

Town of Dunkirk Supervisor and volunteer firefighter Richard Purol said, “Luckily, we were right next to Progress Drive, where we have hydrants. Luckily, it was nothing serious, but it could have been. Normally you (as a fire department) don’t have that kind of access to a railroad.”

Both of the train’s engines were having electrical problems after the blaze. The train was towed away from the scene by a different Norfolk Southern engine.

City of Dunkirk Fire Department also responded to the scene.

Representatives for Norfolk Southern did not comment on the incident.