Forestville receives project updates

FORESTVILLE – With winter fast approaching, it is a question of time and manpower whether several projects will be completed in Forestville before the snow falls.

At Tuesday’s village board meeting, Trustee David Bishoff asked Highway Supervisor Charles Brewster when he will be able to repair a drainage tile on Pearl Street, which is causing a resident’s basement to flood every time it rains.

Brewster said he hopes to get to it, but he was in need of more manpower to do the project and now it is a question of the weather. He said if they cannot complete the project, he has a plan for a temporary fix for the winter.

The board at the meeting approved hiring Cory Bell as a utility worker at a rate of $13.04 with a 50-cent raise after a four-month probationary period. Mayor Linda Aures said she joined Brewster and Bishoff to look over candidates and she and Brewster came to a decision.

The board also approved the purchase of materials for the Cedar Street drainage project on state bid.

Aures asked when this project could be done. Brewster said Hanover Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo said his crew can help the village with the project, but this project is also contingent on the weather.

“It depends on how fast winter slams us, because once the snow falls, our main concern is going to have to be plowing,” he said.

He said the drainage project could be done when water lines are put in but that would not be until next spring; however, if Hanover cannot help before winter comes the project will have to wait until spring anyway.

Deputy Mayor Kevin Johnson reported on the water line project, saying Prospect Street is done and work has moved to Academy Street. He said they plan to hook up the school on Veterans Day when students are off so as not to disrupt school activities.

He also said there will be a letter sent out with the next water bills informing residents that it will be their responsibility to update pipes from their homes to the curb if they do not meet the code of being type K copper or DR9 HD polyethylene. He said he wanted to do research before setting a time limit for homeowners to act, which once decided will be adopted as part of the water policy. He said Brewster has agreed to help residents determine if their pipes need to be replaced.

Brewster also reported looking into NY Alert as a way to inform residents when there are water problems during the water line project.

Brewster also warned residents of a dangerous sidewalk on the corner of Prospect and Academy streets. He said it has been covered by brush and was recently cleared to reveal the sidewalk is in bad shape. He said because it is not safe for walking it will not be plowed in the winter.

Brewster said leaf pickup has begun and will be ongoing until shortly after the first snowfall.

The board, at Brewster’s recommendation, approved reduced hours for highway workers from November to March to help eliminate some overtime during plow season.

Resident Marcia Peterson spoke during public comment to request information on the water debt calculations, and said that she thinks only having the clerk’s office open one day a week is wrong. Aures said she agreed that one day a week at the clerk’s office is not enough and the village hopes to change this soon.

The village will host Forecon at a meeting in November to discuss timber values at the springs property.

The next meeting will be held Nov. 12.