HIGH TAXES: Legislator is right on money

Why can’t we have more legislators who actually get it like Robert Stewart of Cherry Creek?

Stewart, in a quote on WDOE, hit the nail on the head Wednesday night when discussing the 2014 county budget in Mayville. “It’s time to put our personal feelings aside and look at this budget and look at these numbers as if it’s somebody else’s money that we’re spending, and it is, so that’s my opinion on this and I think it’s time that we really took a look at the big picture and what’s going on in our county.”


What is going on today is the same bad recipe that was used 60 years ago. Area leaders, quite frankly, are part of that problem by spending taxpayer dollars – money that is not theirs – like it is an endless piggy bank.

Sure, it would be great to fund a number of good-hearted initiatives in the county. But it is also great to live outside of your means as a private individual until the repo man appears at your door.

All government – even in this recent budget passed by the County Legislature – is living outside of its means. Stewart’s quote about it being “somebody else’s money” is a reminder for all those who serve on government and school boards.

Government was never meant to be about grabbing more revenues while a tax base suffers. That, in Chautauqua County, is our unfortunate history.