Board briefed on progress at water treatment plant

CASSADAGA – Prog-ress on the new water treatment plant in the Village of Cassadaga is continuing.

At the village’s board meeting on Oct. 16, Engineer Greg McCorkhill of Stearns & Wheler stated that the building has locking mechanisms present and a generator is in place.

The treatment plant will be fenced in. At the meeting, Superintendent of public works Tom Fetter expressed concern about the fence’s entrance gate. Currently, plans portray a swing gate.

In a phone interview on Monday, Mayer LeeAnn Lazarony said, “We’re going to do a rolling gate because of the snow. It’s hard to do a swing gate with the snow.”

As for construction of water lines on North Shore Park, installation of pipes has begun on the western side of the horseshoe shaped street and work on the eastern side will begin soon. As of Oct. 21, only one homeowner’s signature was still needed for work to continue. Two lines, both 500 feet in length, need replacement and will join behind homes on the street.

A large tree has been removed on the west side of North Shore Park as part of the water line installation. Another on the east side still needs to be removed, but Lazarony said, “I did talk to the general contractor that we hired to go in and make sure they’re doing everything the right way. He did say they were going to try and get a smaller bucket in there and try to dig around it so they didn’t have to take it down.”

In other news, Superintendent Tom Fetter said in his report that shoulder work on Alden Road is complete. He also said sidewalk repair in front of the Post Office will be done soon. Fetter said he still needs salt and sand for the coming winter months.

In other matters, the village hall’s community room needs painting and the board said the Cassadaga Job Corps may complete the work.

“I’ve contacted them and they’re going to come and look. We’ve ordered the paint and measured everything. If Job Corps doesn’t do it then we’ll probably find somebody else,” Lazarony said. “If they don’t, I’ll put the paint on the walls myself.”

Lastly, the village is still accepting bids for a kitchen remodel in the village hall. The kitchen needs a new floor, a new countertop and several items repainted. Specific information can be found at

The next village board meeting will be on Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. at the village hall, 22 Mill St., Cassadaga.

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