A second for Fredonia


I noticed the second letter (Oct. 20) by Charles Loveland regarding merging the Brocton school system.

In my opinion, he is absolutely correct and Brocton should revisit the possibility of merging with Fredonia. I also agree that a Fredonia merger would offer our young people more educational opportunities and the students would easily adjust.

Now that our community recognizes the necessity and benefits of a merger, it seems like common sense to reconsider our options and choose an area with a growing tax base.

So much time, effort and money has already been spent that it would be a terrible waste of resources to stop the process, not to mention that it would be a disservice to our young people.



Don’t forget Reed’s vote


Last week, Tom Reed voted “no” to reopen the government and, more important, “no” to prevent the U.S. from defaulting on our debt. This vote was not just in alignment with the extremists (so-called Tea Party), it was irresponsible in the extreme. Reed was one of two Republicans in the state to vote “no.”

Remember this vote next year when Tea Party Tom asks for your vote and tell him “no.” This irresponsible extremism has got to be flushed from Congress, and only voters can do the flushing.

Congressman Reed will and does have lots of funding from the special corporate interests to outspend his opponent, but that should not fool voters about his extremist views. Last year in his mailings, Congressman Reed falsely portrayed his Democratic opponent as “extremist.” Now we know who the real extremist is.

In 2014, don’t get fooled again.



‘Yes’ will aid municipalities


On Tuesday Nov. 5, Chautauqua County’s voters will have the opportunity to vote for a proposition that is absolutely a significant business- and community – development initiative that will bear fruit for our county and all of New York state.

The voters in New York absolutely need to vote “Yes” on ballot Proposition 1 on Election Day, allowing the state to sanction the building of up to seven casino gaming resorts.

This referendum is a key component to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ongoing and successful push to make our state business friendly. The proposed casinos are far away from our area and will not affect the sovereignty of our Seneca Nation neighbors. By voting Yes, our region will benefit from a new revenue stream that will be used to boost our area.

Cuomo’s budget office conservatively projects that the creation of four initial “destination gaming resorts” east of the Southern Tier will yield $430 million in new annual tax dollars going toward public schools, property tax relief and aid to local governments.

Our struggling county, cities, towns and villages need our “Yes” vote on Nov. 5.


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