Feeling the love

Submitted Photo

Pictured, from left, are licensed Zumba instructors Kielly Dietzen, Jean Sutton, Ricky Cooper, Lisa Maslak, Janet Kozlowski and Sue Chaffee, who worked together to raise $1,592 for the Circle of Love breast cancer charity fund. “It feels great to give back to the community. Thank you to everyone who donated to this wonderful event,” Dietzen said. There were over 80 people in attendance and 53 donation baskets. The instructors thanked the Invention Room hair stylists for donating their time to “pink” hair and Joe Gould for donating his time to DJ the event. “This event was the best so far in the area and we are excited for our future plans. A great group of Licensed Zumba Instructors came together as one to support a breast cancer local charity,” Dietzen added.