Perrysburg moving along on water project

PERRYSBURG – The new water treatment plant is progressing well in the town of Perrysburg.

Engineer Jake Alianello gave an update to the town board at the recent monthly meeting.

He said “progressive work” is being completed at the site on Peck Hill Road. He said the walls are currently up and the roof structure will be put up. Alianello brought to the board a bill to be paid in the amount of $231,614.09. Alianello also said the construction contractors have requested an extension.

“We’re worried about getting the project completed on time due to the lead time on equipment,” he said.

If the town were to approve the construction contract extension, Alianello said it’s reasonable to extend the electrical contract. Extending the electrical contract would be at no cost to the town. The construction contract will cost the town an additional $14,000. That cost is for a stainless steel filter, which will be used in the plant. The board previously approved the filter in December, but never paid for it.

Supervisor Dennis Stopen said the stainless steel filter will not require any further maintenance or painting in the future, saving the town money. The town approved to pay the bill and to extend both contracts. Alianello also said Water Supervisor Robin Clark has been helping with the project and has almost reached his allotted hours. The town gets reimbursed for Clark’s hours, but since he has reached the maximum, the town will not get paid, Alianello said.

The town approved to raise the limit of Clark’s hours to be worked for reimbursement to $10,000, although Alianello said he will unlikely reach that amount.

Clark also said the town has an issue with one of its wells. The well, which serves as a reserve for the town on Edwards Corners Road, currently has a heater, but needs to ventilate outside the wall. Clark said the heater will be mounted on an outside wall with insulation.

The heater will cost $600, but the town will have additional costs to install the unit. Clark estimated the costs to not exceed $1,000, but will get bids to present at the next meeting.

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