Asking for help

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of V3 Studios Michael Carbone sat alongside Andre Cobham in Dunkirk’s City Hall last week.

Both men have reached out to Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolce for help concerning V3 Studios camera equipment. V3 was contracted by the city of Dunkirk for restoration of the city’s access channel and has come under scrutiny by the public for its sometimes static-troubled and poor output of local high school sports and other programs.

Carbone said the purchase of a new video switcher “would pretty much change everything.”

A switcher, or vision mixer, is used to select between different video sources for output, and Carbone says it is necessary in order to produce higher quality programs.

Besides the switcher, the studio is currently also working with inadequate software, using outdated recording equipment and a computer from 1997. Andre Cobham said they have been editing video on their personal computers.

“It’s an unreliable situation,” Carbone said.

With updated equipment and software, V3 would also be able to better produce local shows.

Bowkey Burnley, a local reverend, has proposed the idea of creating a fashion forward show to debut on Access 12. Burnley was also at the meeting with the mayor.

She said of local support for the show, “I have had good reaction from local businesses.”

Burnley has enlisted the help of the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce, which also has a vested interest in the program, which would feature local guests and businesses with a fashion-forward outlook. Managers from different clothing stores and even non-clothing stores are eager to work with her.

“It’s been amazing, the amount of people,” Burnley said, adding that artists from the Dunkirk Farmer and Artisan Market, which takes place in the summer on Sundays and Thursdays, want to be on the show, too.

She said it would be beneficial for them to be seen three or four times in the winter, “during the quiet months,” to spread the word about their market.

“The producers,” she said, pointing to Carbone and Cobham, “They can make an informed choice. They’re looking for an opportunity.”

Mayor Dolce further questioned Carbone and Cobham about costs for the needed upgrades and asked that they produce a plan for him to present to the council.

As for funding, Dolce said, “For me, it would be a matter of putting that into a formal resolution.”

All in attendance at the meeting discussed money sources, such as underwriting and community involvement, and how to make the upgrades affordable.

Dolce said if Carbone and Cobham could present him with a plan in print, he would present it to the council.