Fisher hired as Sheridan’s new assessor

SHERIDAN – Leon Town Assessor Dennis Fisher will soon have a second municipality to work for in the form of the town of Sheridan.

During a recent Sheridan Town Board meeting, the board appointed Fisher to fill the vacancy left by current assessor Anthony Porpiglia, effective Friday, Nov. 1.

At a previous workshop meeting, Supervisor Louis Delmonte announced Porpiglia would be resigning due to other work commitments at his second job, where he is a cook.

“He’s having some personal issues at his other job. There’s actually two head cooks who do that job out there and the other one is retiring and they’re not filling that position so it’s all going to be dumped on Tony,” Delmonte said. “He doesn’t want to get us in a position where it’s going to hurt us or cause us some problems, so he just thought it was best if he left.”

Porpiglia became Sheridan’s assessor less than a year ago to fill out a partial term. He was reappointed in July and his current term began on Oct. 1. Fisher will fill out the remainder of Porpiglia’s term, which is six years.

“I had the good fortune to work with the State Office of Real Property Services for 35 years of my career. I worked very closely with assessors in moderately rural counties, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua in particular, and I’m looking forward to serving out the rest of Tony’s term here in the town of Sheridan,” Fisher said after being appointed. “I appreciate the support of the town board and the town supervisor and I look forward to working in this community for a good, long period of time.”

According to Delmonte, Fisher will earn $5.50 per parcel, which is a dollar lower than what Fisher initially requested for his services.

That will put his salary at around $12,700. According to the current town budget, Porpiglia’s salary is $10,900.

Delmonte made the motion to accept Porpiglia’s resignation, as well as the motion to appoint Fisher.

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